Kingdom People

Kingdom People

It’s so easy to turn our nose up at the idea of persecution. We see it as a negative experience and one to avoid at all costs. 

We can also approach righteousness the same way… we can think of those who always to the right thing as “goody two shoes” kind of people and make fun of someone who always follows the rules. 

Biblical righteousness is talking about living in right relationship with God – our heart aligned to his and living in a way that reflects Christ. As believers, why would we not want to live like that? I know that we are all on a journey of transformation. each of us are at different points in that journey… but truthfully, if we are not desiring to live lives of righteousness, then are we really allowing God full access to our hearts and lives? Are we truly surrendered? 

Part of the problem is that in todays western society, living lives of righteousness leads to a deeper divide with the ways of the world. More and more, we see a disparity between the ways of God and the ways of the world. This will mean that we will find ourselves at odds with people and potentially face opposition and persecution because we see things very differently. 

Jesus teaching tells us that when (not if) we find ourselves in this situation we are actually blessed. The Kingdom of heaven belongs to people who can face opposition because of their righteousness… because they choose to live in line with God’s way and not the worlds.

Let’s be people who seek Jesus, love Jesus, live like Jesus and stand for Jesus, no matter the cost or the opinions of others! let’s be people who are Kingdom people!!!!



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